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I am not truly the human, but exist surviving in him.

Mail me for photo I am sure you have visited this blog from the link given below my mail signature, however I am glad you have taken interest to visit this blog site.

My purpose for creating this blog was to share my thoughts and make friends who will be interested with alike person.The content of the blog is based on my opinion. Kindly ignore the message if it contradicts with your belief.

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About me:
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I'm simple, down to earth; love my Indian culture and the people here. My role model and love is swami Vivekananda, he is powerful in words, inspires anyone so easily, he is not very religious but spiritual.

I worship Maestro Illayaraja for all his wonderful music composing. He is the actual product of the nature; he is very vibrant, good at melodies and best at his composing.

I spend mostly with computer at home and office, reading books, and chat/play with small kids / mother and little with friends. I hate none in this world since I believe it is god who wants them and not this society.

I am an Electronics mania, I have made some useful circuits for two & four wheeler vehicles; and made them a product and sold it for traders. Unfortunate I couldn't spend more time on selling this at that immature age. So happened to drop this idea and find a career in different field. Now I am not much in its flavor since dominated by official work.

Life is short and sweet. I always keep saying to myself 'I am not sure if I was born to work nor serve anybody;' My purpose of life is undefined to me and I am searching the real purpose of my existence. Though might be my success in life I dont consider I have succeeded anything valuable so far because still now I am hunting to find my purpose on this earth.

My Philosophy: [These are my thoughts, hope you will like it]

"I don't know if I was born to do good things, otherwise I will practice only good things"

"When all your efforts become useless and all your interest in your efforts are negative. Then you are miserable. Life is dead, you are beyond amiable! Nothing inspires you at that situation so don’t take any decision on it. Leave it for time to resolve. Enjoy that 100% sadness with no additive of happiness”

"Never let the thoughts rule
especially when you are not normal being;
-tensed up with mind disorder.
Hold back the tongue, dont allow it to function to bring down the pressure of mind (This is a wrong practice)
This has been my learning today, when I suspected my boss who may have involved in wrong practice' later I kept back my thought, observing my earlier message
'Dont judge a person by his defect or actions' and the message here is
'Dont expect others to be perfect like you, changes doesn't happen externally but internally they are mastered'
-Dilipkumar [15-03-2010] in train


"இறைவன் கைவிட்ட போதும்
மனிதன் இறைவனை  கை விடவில்லை
நம்பிக்கையால் உயர்ந்தான் மனிதன்
நம்பிக்கையை படைத்ததில் மகிழ்தான் இறைவன்"
 - திலிப்குமார் [14/05/2010] in train


Thank you my dear brothers and sisters,
I wish a friend like my interest to join me. Please make your comments below.

Dilip Kumar.E.K
~Bind to scrutinize, beliefs and truth in existence|
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